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Earth House Estate Lättenstrasse by Vetsch Architektur
September 19, 2008 Filed Under: Small Houses
This Earth houses living space is a project designed by Peter Vetsch and are based on the interpretation of an environmentally conscious, ecological and progressive architecture. The pictures from this post are with a house named Earth House Estate Lättenstrasse, that is located in Dietikon, Switzerland.

Compared to traditional residential houses built on the ground, the aim of building an earth house is another: Not to live under or in the ground, but with it. The earth-house concept uses the ground as an insulating blanket that efficiently protects it from rain, low temperatures, wind and natural abrasion. An earth house does not have to be built under the ground, it can be placed onto naturally grown terrain.

The earth house is a flexible construction which can be built according to the wishes of its owners, fulfilling the need for individuality, environmentally friendly construction and energy saving. They stand out due to their closeness to nature and allow an experience beyond the usual four walls and their right angles. The earth house concept uses its surroundings as an advantage – the surroundings are not adapted to the building, the house is shaped in order to preserve the natural environment.

Earth House Estate Lättenstrasse
Architects: Peter Vetsch
Location: Dietikon, Switzerland
Size of lot : 4000 m2 total
Living space : 60 m2 bis 200 m2 per house
Cubature: 1500 m3 bis 2200 m3 per house

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Tags: Cubature, Dietikon, energy saving, Erdhaus, Peter Vetsch, Switzerland
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